The importance of intellectual properties including patents, utility models, design, trademark and works of copyright, is being highly estimated day by day in the rapidly changing knowledge-based industrial society over the world.

MAC PATENT & LAW FIRM, KOREA (hereinafter call MAC) is the new name of JAEIL HONG INTERNATIONAL PATENT & LAW OFFICE (since 1983). It's been upgraded by patent attorneys and staff much experienced in this field of business for many years, and is serving law and technical services of the highest quality relating intellectual properties.

MAC can serve various law services, including application and registration, licensing, settlement of dispute and lawsuit, consultation, appraisement and the like in connection with intellectual properties. It can handle most up-to-date technologies and is always keeping track with recent trend of legal cases of Courts domestic and abroad.

MAC is one of most active legal consulting entities in Korea.

MAC is one of the authorized consulting party for small or medium-sized enterprises by KIPO (Korean Industrial Property Office). It plays a great role in protecting the intellectual properties of small or medium-sized enterprises as well as technology-based venture enterprises.

Furthermore, MAC is a leading cooperation entity for several TLOs in Korea and is making every effort in helping protecting their creative ideas, licensing and transferring technology, and constructing credit.

Around the world, MAC is keeping close relationship with hundreds of law entities to provide high quality and timely service.

MAC put forth its best effort for utmost satisfaction of clients'.