• Representation for filing patent( and utility model) application in Korean and abroad
  • Representation for filing trademark( and service mark) application in Korean and abroad
  • Representation for design patent application in Korean and abroad
  • Especially protection of business model, computer software, bio-technology etc.

    Trial, Retrial & Litigation
  • Representation of trial, retrial or litigation to the KIPO
  • Representation of lawsuit to the Korean Patent Court and/or Supreme Court
  • Preparation of warning letter and response in right infringement case
  • Preparation of a written expert opinion in right infringement case

    Technology transfer & Consulting
  • Preparation and review of assignment contract and license contract in relation with intellectual property rights
  • Intermediation of technology transfer and appraisement
  • Search for prior arts
  • Management and consultation for intellectual property rights of companies

    Representation in connection with copyrights and computer programs
  • Registration and management of copyrights and computer programs
  • Preparation and review of various contracts in relation with copyrights
  • Consultation of dispute in relation with copyrights and computer programs
  • Consultation in connection with character products, portrait right, publicity right etc.

    MAC's Major Activity in KOREA
  • One of the duly authorized and certified consulting entities for small or medium-sized enterprises by KIPO
  • Most active leading cooperation entity for several TLOs including YOUNGNAM TLO Consortium in Korea